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Start of OpenCYOA

After 13 billion years of random events and an unimaginably large amount of things that could have happened until now, in one of these cases the universe ended up in a state where there was a guy named Alex.

He is a bit over 24 years old, has a job as a web designer and still lives in the same house he has lived in for the last 24 years of his life. He doesn't live with his parents anymore, they moved out about 3 years ago and just let him stay in this house.
Due to his strongly fluctuating interests, he does not have this one specific hobby that dominates his entire free time, but has a lot of smaller hobbies he pursues from time to time. He has a collection of games on his computer and also spends decent amount of time online, but not to the extent where it dominates his life. Every once in a while he also spends some time reading, or building with electronics, or practicing on his guitar, or a bunch of other random stuff he tries in his free time. According to him gardening is also one of his skills, but that isn't really the case. He just lets plants grow and doesn't do anything actively. While this didn't result in a nicely maintained garden at all, the nettles in his front yard have reached a really impressive size.

As of today it is the 12th of May 2018 and the weekend has just started. Alex woke up about an hour ago, and now it is just slightly after 10 o'clock in the morning, so there is still most of the day ahead. The weather is really nice outside and since he lives next to a park, this would be a great time to spent some time outside, then again he could just stay inside, there are a lot of things he could do there as well.
Just waiting and not making a decision on what to do would just waste time so he probably should just decide on one of these options.

What is OpenCYOA

OpenCYOA is a choose your own adventure story, after each part of the story you have to choose between to options, how to continue the story. However you will eventually get to end of a branch, once that happens you can then either start over and get a different story or you yourself can continue to continue the branch you got, however you think the story should continue (As long as you don't break the rules with your branch).

While reading keep in mind that the branches you are reading might also just have been written by random people and while I try to keep the entire story moderated to avoid spam or inappropriate content, I can't moderate this constantly so there could be such stuff added to story which I have not yet noticed. This story is not an endorsement of anything happening within it.

Inappropriate branches will be deleted including all branches continuing it, so if you continue a questionable branch and it later gets deleted once I find it, this will automatically also delete your branch. However if a branch is appropriate once I notice it I will verify it, which you can see below the branch in the about section.

Also please don't use a continuation of a branch to comment on it or include comments unrelated to the story into your branch. For discussions related to OpenCYOA you can use this Discord Server, you can also use it to notify me if you find inappropriate submissions. Or if you need me to fix a typo or just want to tell me that you have submitted a branch so that I can verify it.

Some notes from 2024

I made OpenCYOA in 2018, after that OpenCYOA had been fairly inactive for a long time. Though as of late 2023, it has gotten quite a bit more attention and as of me writing this has gotten to a size of almost 100 segments. Below you can see an image of the number of accepted segments over time (as of 14th of May 2024).

So thank you to those who made OpenCYOA worth keeping around after all.
I intend to redisign parts of the page and maybe make some minor additions. Though as of now I do not intend on making any specific promisses.