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Go west to the forest.

Head towards the center of this town.


Spend the day outside!

Without much consideration he just decided to spend a day outside for once. It was so nice outside, as he stepped out of the front door. Why has he wasted so much time by just staying inside for so long? The nettles have grown very well over the last few weeks. He can however still walk out of his house without getting stung by them, so they can stay there. The only thing that is slightly annoying right now is how the sun is kind of blinding at this time. He should perhaps go into the park it might not be as bad in there. It would also be a wasted opportunity not to go in there, since the one Alex lives right next to is quite big.

Making his way across the street and walking into the park, Alex started to regret all the time he spent inside and was happy that he decided to go outside today. Here in the park the temperature was warm enough, to be outside in just a shirt but not too warm that it would be annoying. Between all the trees in here the sun isn't blinding anymore. Besides aren't trees fascinating? From a far you just see a trunk and a large mess of leaves. But when taking a closer look you can see how the branches split into more branches which split again and so on. They are basically fractals but in real, although they aren't infinite. Yet they have enough iterations to distinctly look this way. These are the moments when mathematical concepts suddenly appear way less theoretical because they appear in nature.

Having walked across the park by now he came to the other end of it. He considers staying in here, since it has been great to be here so far. He could just go west from here where the park eventually leads into the forest. Alex hasn't been there for a few years by now, but has some great memories of it from his childhood when he was there on a regular basis. Another thing he could perhaps do now is to go into the town. He has already managed to go outside, now he might also try to improve his social skills. He could just move forward from where he is right now and get to the center of the town.

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