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Turn on the computer and do something on there.

Look at the bookshelf.


Stay inside!

Of course Alex would just stay inside, why would anyone go outside when you have the option to stay at home, where you don't have to bother with all these dangers that exist in the outside world like light and oxygen. No really light can burn your skin and oxygen is oxidizer and makes things burn, therefor it has to be evil and should be avoided at any cost.

Anyways, Alex has just decided to stay inside for now. While he has the entire house to himself he tends to spend a lot of time in his bedroom, which isn't exclusively a bedroom but more of an "all sorts of random stuff" room. And while one might expect this room to be located in the basement, it is actually on the second floor, probably just because his house does not have a basement. There also is a bathroom on the second floor right outside the "all sorts of random stuff" room across the hallway, just like there is one on the ground floor, where there is also a kitchen, a garage and a dining/living room which is right at the front door. The rest of his house is full of rooms that aren't really in use and by now are just used to store stuff Alex doesn't need anywhere else and he could probably throw away at least half of this stuff, if not even more, without ever missing it.

But for now he just went to his room, pretending that these rooms that need a lot of cleaning up simply don't exist.
Coming through the door of the "all sorts of random stuff" room, to the left is his desk where there is also his computer, at the back is his bed, next to it on the right is a bookshelf. Next to the door on the right stands his guitar, the wall opposite to his desk has two large windows, meaning that when Alex, wants to use his computer, he has to close the curtains on these windows since they are at the south side of the house. Then again they are really nice as long as whatever he is doing does not involve a screen.

Since he now is in his room he might just do something here.

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