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VVOVOV is a fangame of the game VVVVVV including a Portalgun from Portal / Portal 2
I started this project on the 15th of June 2015 and have been more or less consistently working on this game since then.

This game contains crude language at some points.
It may also affect people who suffer from seizures.

YouTube Playlist: Use this link
Distractionware Post: Go here

You can now download this game: Click Here!

Since this is still an early version, you may find bugs within the game. If you find any bugs or other problems with the game, please let me know. Should you upload a play through of it, the same thing applies, since it would be very helpful to get to see people's direct reaction, more than only relying on comments written afterwards. You could also send me your save file located at ~\AppData\Roaming\Heptaveegesimal\VVOVOV\Saves which besides your obvious progress in the game also contains information about how much often you died in each room and how long they took you.

List of all known bugs: heptaveegesimal.com/vvovov-buglist.html

Current Progress (30th of October 2017):
The game is mostly complete, but as of now there are still some terminals that do not yet contain any text. In the game these will tell you "Terminal does not contain any content". And while there are features which are planned but not yet implemented, the regular game can already be played completely.