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You need Java in order to run this game. If you do not have Java installed you can get it from java.com/download/.

DO NOT reupload the source code of this game in compiled or decompiled form.

I am not responsible or liable for any damaged (e.g. mental, physical or material) caused through this game.
Play at your own risk.

Recommended Version: 0.3.2

VVOVOV - Version 0.3.3 (Experimental)6
Added a Level Editor, you can now build your own Levels.
While not all planed features are yet in the editor all the most important stuff, for just making casual gameplay is already in place.

Warning: This is an experimental Version it might contain a lot of bugs and visual glitches.
VVOVOV - Version 0.3.25
Made some changes regarding the tutorial achievements, for which the game will now skip the difficulty selection since you only have one option anyways.
Replaced the "Prev" and "Next" in the menu through arrows.
Added Text to two Terminals and assigned an icon to the window.
VVOVOV - Version 0.3.14
This version fixed the game running at an incorrect speed (hopefully), selections soft locking the game, incorrect skin selection, being able to stand on a block below a sideways spike without dying and a few typing errors.
VVOVOV - Version 0.3.03
This is the first publicly available version of this game.
It still has missing text at some points and does not contain or support any sound.

This version can be run with Java 7 or newer, it should run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
It has not been tested on other Operating systems.

Since people are consistently downloading older versions when there is a newer, less buggy and in general better version of the game available for download, I have disabled the download for those older versions.