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Periodle, is a word guessing game inspired by Wordle. But instead of guessing a 5-letter word consisting of any of the letters from A to Z, you have to guess a word spelled from 5 elements of the periodic table from Hydrogen to Oganesson. Words you can enter can thus vary in length from 5 to 10 letters, as long as they can be spelled from elements of the periodic table and are valid English words.

Each day there is one word to guess which is the same for everyone playing on that day. As some of my previous projects, this game runs on German time, which may be different to your timezone. Words may thus not change at midnight, but on the plus side, everyone gets the same word at any time.

The word to guess is selected from a manually filtered list of over 1000 words, which vary from 6 to 10 letters. 5-letter words were excluded here.

How To Play
If you already know how to play Wordle, skip to the "What are orange letters?" section below.

Each day you have 8 attempts to guess a word and once you make a guess the elements will turn gray, orange, yellow or green. A gray element does not appear in the solution. If an element shows up yellow, then it appears in the solution but at a different position. If an element turns green, it is in the solution and it is at the correct position. Once you guess the correct word, all letters will be green.

In this example, the solution is S P Ra Y Er. In the guess C O P P Er, both carbon and oxygen are not part of the solution and thus show up gray. Phosphor is in the solution, but at a different position, the first one shows up yellow. The second phosphor shows up gray, as the solution only contains one phosphor. Erbium however, is at the correct position and will thus shows up green.

Please keep in mind that these colors may be different if you have changed the color theme. This description currently doesn't dynamically adjust to with the color theme.

What Are Orange Letters?
While Wordle and most of its clones only have gray, yellow and green letters, Periodle introduces orange letters or orange elements. When an element is highlighted orange, it is contained in the word to guess. But the element does not appear in the solution itself.

Here the solution was Pr Ac Ti C Al. In the guess P I Ra C Y, carbon is at the correct position and shows up green, while yttrium is not part of the solution and shows up gray. While phosphor and iodine are not part of the solution, the solution contains the letters P and I, thus those two show up orange. Radium is not part of the solution either, but the letter combination Ra shows up between promethium and actinium.

This way, if a single letter element shows up gray, it does not only mean that this element is not part of the solution, but that any double letter element containing this letter can't be part of the solution. In the first example carbon shows up gray, thus Calcium, Copper, Chlorine and many more, cant be in the solution either, otherwise carbon would have shown up orange. In such a case, those elements also show up gray in the periodic table keyboard.

Feedback And Discussions
For feedback or discussions of the game, you can go to the Discord Server. Just make sure to mark any hints for the current word as a spoiler. You can discuss older words in whatever way you like, as they change for everyone at the same time. Alternatively, you can send me feedback in an E-Mail to joshua@heptaveegesimal.com.

Web Storage
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Instead of the normal periodic table of elements, you can alternatively try an alphabetically sorted table of elements. This may be useful if you are less familiar with the periodic table, as this makes it easier to see which combinations of letters are possible in this game. For the true Periodle experience, it is recommended not to use this setting.

Alphabetic Table

Do you know a word in a different language that would be a good guess? This option will allow you to guess words from any of the languages listed below, not just the selected one. Words from other languages won't be the solution, but they might help you to get more information, if you are otherwise stuck.

Guess Any Language

Select the language you want to play the game in. You can play the puzzles of multiple languages on the same day too. The daily words are uncorrelated between languages.

If you don't like the default look of the game or if you are struggling with distiguishing the different colors or want a bit of an extra challange, here are some alternate color themes for you to pick from.

With your currently selected theme, the game will look like this (Black, Orange, Yellow, Green from left to right):

Delete My Statistics
If you wish to delete all your statistics and cookies in this game, flip the switch below to reveal the delete button. Upon pressing the delete button, all your progress will be deleted and it will be as if you were visiting the page for the first time.

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