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If you found a bug which is not on this list or have more information on one, contact me on Discord, YouTube or send an me an E-Mail (joshua@heptaveegesimal.com), preferably using "Bug Report" as the subject, please let me know what exactly happens and what you did in order to cause this.
If you find typing errors within the game please let me know about them, they however will not be listed here.

1 The game randomly runs at an incorrect speed, probably caused by the Java VM not restarting a Thread after a certain time. The game will detect when this happens and will warn you with this screen.
While this bug has probably been fixed, a modified version of the previous screen will still appear to warn the player about this potential bug.
In version 0.3.1
2 Selections may soft lock the game. This has only happened to two people so far I however have not able to reproduce this bug. Fixed
In version 0.3.1
3 The game crashes on rare occasions while starting, starting the game again however is unlikely to create the same result. Open
4 Standing inside a portal which is not aligned with the blocks it is placed on causes the player character to bounce up and down. Will be fixed when I will rewrite collision detection. Open
5 When shooting a portal the particles might indicate an incorrect direction, the portal however is correctly placed. Open
6 Player can stand on a block that has a sideways spike above without dying. Fixed
In version 0.3.1
7 Selecting a skin other than the default skin will select an incorrect skin. Fixed
In version 0.3.1
8 Activating a terminal, collecting a cake, etc. while moving does not pause the moving animation, as well as continuing to summon new particles with the players previous momentum. Open
9 Some characters (eg.: ?) cannot be entered. Open
10 Pressing escape at the skin selection for the tutorial will lead to an empty difficulty selection. Open