Minesveeper Zero




After over 3 years, I have decided to continue Minesveeper series. Nothing too big for now just a single game. And instead of going up, this time we're going down to zero.

So what's special about this?
Besides the zero shaped board, numbers on this version don't indicate the number of mines around them, but the number of remaining mines around them. Meaning that until you place any flags numbers will work like normal. However, when a flag is placed the numbers of the eight tiles around go down by one. This will cause every number to be zero when the game is solved and all flags are placed. If you see a negative number, then you have too many flags around that tile.

Personally I find it quite interesting how this makes many well known patterns such as the 121 and 1221 pattern, much more noticeable in places where they would be less intuitive with regular numbers. But keep in mind that the information you get on this is fully equivalent to a regular game of Minesweeper and anything you can solve here you can just as well solve on a normal board.

I initially wanted to do something bigger this year, but was unable to due to various reasons. I had the idea idea to make flags decrement the surrounding numbers a while ago and had planned to use it one a later version. But recently I realized that this would be fitting for a Minesveeper Zero, plus this allows me to release another version, without running into problems with some number locked Minesveeper versions. Some that I'd still like to make at some point, with Minesveeper 36 being mostly complete and me having figured out how Minesveeper 37 should be implemented in theory.

If you want discuss Minesveeper Zero or get informed when any I make any games in the future, I do have a Discord Server for that.

So while I can't offer anything big for the holidays, here is at least a smaller game.
Merry Christmas!