32 - Carbonnanosweeper

If you are here there is a good chance that you have played the Minsveeper Advent Calendar and maybe the extension of it before.
And now three months later here is the 32nd version of Minesveeper, this time you play on a carbon nanotube.

However unlike the previous 31 versions this one can't be played within your browser. You will instead need to either download it for windows, or download the visual studios project with the source code to this project and compile it yourself.

Download for Windows (293 KB) Download the Source Code (2.55 MB)

How to play
The concept is the same as before, left click to dig, right click to set a flag, try to find all mines, etc.
Only that this time instead of squares, you play on hexagons, where each number counts the number of mines on the six hexagons around it. Since you aren't able to see all hexagons at the same time, you can use W, A, S and D to move around. You can also use Q or E to temporarily look to the left or right. If you loose or want to play again you can restart the game at any time by pressing ENTER. 1 and 2 can by used to switch between two different color themes, while 3, 4, 5 and 6 can be used to switch between different textures for the tiles.

To render the geometry this game uses ray marching, this means that you will probably need an at least halfway decent graphics card in order to run it, especially if you want to play with a large screen size. Since this and it currently only running under Windows, will probably mean that some people are now unable to play this version, I hereby want to apologize to everyone who now is unable to play this one.
This was made using OpenGl, Glm and Stb.